Successful go-to-market process for digital products and services

Zapflow x Bell Rock Webinar - Successful go-to-market process for digital products and services

How to ensure return on your digital investments? Get the execution right. From product features to process changes and client communications there is a lot to handle. Not to mention the pressure felt about schedules, budget and results.

Our speakers discuss what to take into account in an ideal go-to-market process, what are the 5 key challenges of it and how to overcome them. They share some real-life experiences from launching a SaaS product and implementing digital sales and customer care solutions at traditional organisations.

On February 14, 2023, we hosted a webinar in collaboration with Bell Rock Advisors to find out more about how to find a successful go-to-market process for digital products and services. For those that could not join us: we've got you covered! Click here, and you'll get to see the recording.


About our speakers

Juuso Lehto, Managing Director, Bell Rock Advisors

Juuso is a founder of Bell Rock, and an experienced management consultant and investment professional. He is enthusiastic about growing and developing businesses through digital and leads the discussion in the webinar.

Sushma Padmanabhan, Head of Product Management, Bell Rock Advisors

Sushma has a 15 year career as a Product Management expert in the software industry. She has broad experience in leading B2B & B2C software products in different markets across Europe, US & Asia. She specializes in new product launches and renewals of mature products.

Outi Herkepeus, Head of Transformation, Bell Rock Advisors

Outi has been helping large international companies digitalise their businesses and transform their organisations for over a decade. Outi is an expert in leading digital service development, redesigning organisation & operations and managing transformation programs.

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