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Manage your Fundraising operations efficiently

Utilize our cutting-edge platform to effortlessly manage all your fundraising activities, guaranteeing that no opportunity is overlooked and every lead is nurtured to success. Rely on Zapflow to be your ultimate ally in elevating your fundraising efforts to new levels of efficiency and achievement.

Utilize our innovative multi-module structure to streamline fundraising campaigns

In the alternative investment ecosystem, whether you are involved in private equity or a corporate development team, fund managers expect seamless access to their data at any time and from any location. Limited and generic Excel spreadsheets, as well as other isolated software solutions, fail to meet the needs of investment professionals.

A customized software solution is essential for a transparent and collaborative team. Zapflow's fundraising management solution serves as a centralized hub, providing a reliable source of truth for your fund's most critical data. It acts as a foundation that connects all aspects of your operations.

Regardless of whether you are a private equity firm, a large buyout fund, a family office, a fund of funds, a general partner, or a fund manager, we are here to help you optimize your data management and deliver exceptional investor service.

Efficient communication

Zapflow lets firms collaborate with internal and external (i.e., placement agents) users while raising capital. This reduces the friction and allows for a streamlined fundraising process.

Single source of truth

Our multi-module platform allows for deal flow management and portfolio management to be housed in the same platform as fundraising. Your team can quickly access potential deals and successful investments when speaking to investors.

Investor profile

Zapflow separates investor profiles to give fundraising teams a granular understanding of past activities. Users can see commitments, lost opportunities, as well as open opportunities before reaching out to the potential LP.

Security is our priority

Security is one of the most important criteria for selecting a deal flow tool. Due to the sensitive nature of the information stored on our platform, your security is of paramount importance. Thanks to our comprehensive security features, we are currently trusted by several big banks, sovereign funds and Fortune 500 companies.


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