Simplify your Fundraising Processes

Utilize our cutting-edge platform to effortlessly manage all your fundraising activities, guaranteeing that no opportunity is overlooked and every lead is nurtured to success. Rely on Zapflow to be your ultimate ally in elevating your fundraising efforts to new levels of efficiency and achievement.

Fundraising MODULE Benefits

  • PriciOrganized deal flow management ngImproved investor relationships  
  • Dynamic ecosystem of shared insightsSeamless access to data
  • Streamlined OperationsEnhanced data management
  • Easy reportingCentralized hub for fund data 
  • Intuitive design-1Make informed investment decisions
  • Intuitive designCustomized solution
  • Secure dataSecure data 
Transparent communication

Facilitate collaboration among internal and external users during capital raising activities, managing distinct team access rights. Ensure structured communication and seamless task monitoring by assigning other team member's tasks for easy progression tracking. Our activity history segment meticulously logs real-time updates and alterations contributed by all team members within a fundraising opportunity profile.

Centralized hub

Gain access to your deals, holdings, fundraising activities, and reports within a unified platform. Establish associations between any entity and your fundraising opportunities. By linking a fund to an opportunity, acquire a comprehensive overview of both active and lost opportunities within the fund, along with commitments and holdings. Employ our robust filtering feature to swiftly locate relevant opportunities.

Seamless configuration

We acknowledge and support the diversity across different team workflows which is why our intuitive platform offers the flexibility to seamlessly customize your fundraising pipeline in alignment with your existing processes and data requirements. Tailor, rename, or restructure the distinct stages used in your fundraising process. Customize the fields according to the specific information you collect and configure new options for dropdown lists easily. Filter opportunities and save unlimited customized views for swift access for different stakeholders interests.

Efficient Process

Zapflow's fundraising pipeline integrates with a simple and efficient fundraising opportunities process that allows you to easily move opportunities from one stage and/or status to the next. 

Keep track of all opportunities whether they have been lost or put on hold and add lost reasons and comments to monitor the performance of your fundraising pipeline. When an opportunity is won, a new commitment profile is created to manage commitment-specific information about that new commitment going forward.

Dynamic activity section

Enjoy the flexibility to make multiple adjustments without concern for data loss; the activity history diligently records and stores all alterations, attributing each change with a timestamp and the identity of the individual effecting the modification. 

Synchronize your complete email inbox to seamlessly send and receive emails directly from Zapflow or leverage the BCC email forwarding functionality to archive specific emails within Zapflow. Record comprehensive notes, calls, meeting logs within individual fundraising profiles, and generate tasks for both personal and team-related assignments.

Easy collaboration

Our editable grid and bulk edit functionalities significantly streamline tasks related to data entry and management, thereby optimizing time efficiency. Recognizing the criticality of maintaining current data and the rapid pace of information updates, our tools have been designed to provide seamless one-click viewing and updating capabilities of multiple entries.

Facilitating organized operations, our platform enables the creation of distinct teams, each assigned specific responsibilities. This approach ensures a clear division of duties and grants relevant access rights, simplifying the process of data updates and configurations for enhanced efficiency.


Is my data safe?
Yes, your data security is of paramount importance to use. Inquire more about our ISO 27001 and GDPR certifications with our sales team.
Can I import my current data into Zapflow?

Yes, when you become a customer you're assigned to a dedicated customer success manager that will help you configuring your Zapflow environment according to your specific needs as well as importing your existing data properly. 

You may also want to use their best practices knowledge to improve your data collection and organization before importing.

How do I get my team involved?
When you become a customer you're assigned to a dedicated customer success manager that will ensure you and the rest of your team are properly trained to use Zapflow. Trainings are customized to your needs whether they are individual or team trainings. Trainings are offered at any point in time, even long after your onboarding has been completed.
Can I store documents in Zapflow?
Yes, our attachments feature allows you store any document type. Attachments can be saved inside an entity's profile, in a note or email. There are multiple ways and places where you can safely store your documents in an organized way.
Is Zapflow suitable for both small and large teams?
Yes, Zapflow is scalable and suitable for teams of all sizes. Whether you're a small group or a large organization, Zapflow's user-friendly design and configurable features adapt to the unique requirements of your team. You're able to add new licenses to your current subscription at any point in time as your team grows.
What sets Zapflow apart from other solutions?
Zapflow stands out with its cutting-edge technology, streamlined data management, and user-friendly operation. The platform's focus on efficiency, collaboration, and informed decision-making distinguishes it as a leading solution. Moreover, our dedicated customer success team is readily available to promptly address and resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring a timely and effective resolution. 

Security is our priority

Security is one of the most important criteria for selecting a deal flow tool. Due to the sensitive nature of the information stored on our platform, your security is of paramount importance. Thanks to our comprehensive security features, we are currently trusted by several big banks, sovereign funds and Fortune 500 companies.


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