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Maximize the efficiency of your deal pipeline by leveraging our cutting-edge investment management solutions. Improve your investment decisions through deal diligence and the streamlined management of data. Our powerful system, designed for easy configuration and user-friendly operation, offers teams a simplified approach to effectively monitor a wide array of deals.

Built for: VC's, Private Equity, Asset managers, Family Offices

MODULE Benefits

  • PriciOrganized deal flow management ngOrganized deal flow management 
  • Dynamic ecosystem of shared insightsDynamic ecosystem of shared insights
  • Streamlined OperationsEnhanced deal diligence
  • Easy reportingQuick data overview and reports
  • Intuitive design-1Make informed investment decisions
  • Intuitive designIntuitive design
  • Secure dataSecure data
You can easily customize the settings to match your needs.

Seamless Configuration

We acknowledge and support the diversity across different team processes and workflows, thus offering a highly adaptable deal flow pipeline and making it easy to replicate your current processes into Zapflow.

Tailor, rename, or restructure the distinct stages used in your deal analysis process. Customize the fields according to the specific deal information collected. Promptly introduce new selections to dropdown lists. Filter and sort deals according to preferences, and save unlimited customized views for swift access across various meetings.

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Efficient Process

Zapflow's deal flow pipeline integrates with a simple and efficient deal management process that allows you to easily move deals from one stage and/or status to the next.

Decide if you want to send emails to deals that you pass. When unsure about a deal, update it to on-hold status and select until when you'd like to put this deal on hold. When a deal becomes a portfolio company, a new holding profile is created to manage holding-specific information about the new portfolio holding company.

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guest users

Guest Users

Zapflow allows investors to easily invite founders, co-investors, and third-party intermediaries to collaborate directly on our platform through the guest user feature in the deal flow management module. This fosters seamless collaboration, resulting in time-saving benefits, while maintaining the highest levels of security and quality for our first-party data. You're able to allow different access rights for the different users you invite.

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Dynamic Activity Section

Enjoy the flexibility to make multiple adjustments without concern for data loss; the activity history diligently records and stores all alterations, attributing each change with a timestamp and the identity of the individual effecting the modification.

Synchronize your complete email inbox to seamlessly send and receive messages directly from Zapflow or leverage the BCC email forwarding functionality to archive specific emails within Zapflow. Record comprehensive notes, calls, and meeting logs within individual deal profiles. Generate tasks for both personal and team-related assignments and utilize the associations feature to propagate tasks across numerous deal or entity profiles within Zapflow. 

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Generate deals overview reports quickly.

Deals Overview Reports

Zapflow has created a set of default reports based on your deal flow pipeline activity for quick access at anytime. Save time creating and updating reports with complex data. Instead, gain quick access to view details about the most active deals by owner or stage, among other statistics in nice graph format.

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Integrated Web Forms

Capture new investment opportunity data easily in a structured format with our custom webforms. Add your logo, brand colors, and embed your unique webform link to your company's website.

Receive new task notifications with each new submission and decide whether you want to create a new deal, company, and contact profiles with the data received or save for later.

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How does Zapflow improve the efficiency of deal pipelines?
Zapflow maximizes deal pipeline efficiency by leveraging advanced investment management solutions. The platform offers a user-friendly system that simplifies configuration, ensuring a seamless and efficient approach to monitoring a wide array of deals.
What benefits does Zapflow provide for investment decisions?
Zapflow facilitates informed investment decisions by incorporating deal diligence into its features. The platform enables users to access current and precise information, contributing to improved decision-making processes
Can Zapflow be customized for my team's specific needs?
Yes, Zapflow is designed for easy configuration, allowing teams to tailor the platform to their specific needs. This flexibility ensures a personalized and efficient deal management experience.
How does Zapflow foster collaboration in deal management?
Zapflow's powerful system includes enhanced features that promote effortless collaboration among team members and partners. This encourages the creation of a dynamic ecosystem for sharing insights and information regarding potential investments.
Is Zapflow suitable for both small and large teams?
Yes, Zapflow is scalable and suitable for teams of all sizes. Whether you're a small group or a large organization, Zapflow's user-friendly design and configurable features adapt to the unique requirements of your team.
What sets Zapflow apart from other deal flow management solutions?
Zapflow stands out with its cutting-edge technology, streamlined data management, and user-friendly operation. The platform's focus on efficiency, collaboration, and informed decision-making distinguishes it as a leading solution in the field of deal flow management.
Can I import my current data into Zapflow?
Yes, our customer success team is here to provide you all the help you need to transfer your current data into Zapflow in the most efficient way. You may also want to use their best practices knowledge to improve your data collection and organization before importing.

Hear how Zapflow helps investors globally improve efficiency - at all stages of growth.

100+ teams in 30+ countries use Zapflow to streamline their operations.

We are proud of the advancements we have made and remain committed to leveraging LP Portal's capabilities to drive continued success.

Jarkko Pelli


Jarkko Pelli-capman

Zapflow is one of the key tools we use in our day-to-day work. It enables us to do everything from deal flow tracking to portfolio reporting.

Cyril Vancura


Cyril Vancura

We so felt the pain! Managing the deal flow in Excel was a nightmare and we are happy that all our deals are now in Zapflow.

William Cardwell

Courage Ventures


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