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Dealflow funnel by Zapflow


For investors

Tailored deal management for alternative investors. You can forget the spreadsheets and unfit CRM solutions. Zapflow’s customizable deal management software streamlines your venture capital, private equity, family office, real estate and corporate investor workflows.


Deal sourcing & due diligence

Consolidate your deal sourcing with Zapflow. Manage, filter and prioritize potential investment opportunities by setting up efficient due diligence processes with automated checks and data storages. Our data-driven tools will make sure you won’t miss the next possible unicorn to invest.


Collaboration & team work

Unify your deal flow management with Zapflow’s CRM and LP Portal. Seamlessly connect your investment team, LPs, GPs and key portfolio companies for secure data sharing, centralized communication, and transparent collaboration. Sync your email, track activities, and nurture strong LP relationships.


Access rights

Your data is secure with in Zapflow. Our robust security measurements meets the highest industry standards. Grant different access levels to ensure only the right people see the right information.

Build a winning Deal pipeline with customizable features


Configure deal pipeline

  • Modify, rename, or restructure the different deal stages. You can customize the fields according to specific deal information.
  • Promptly introduce new selections to dropdown lists.
  • Filter and sort deals according to preferences.
  • Save unlimited customized views for swift access.

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Simple deal management

  • Easily move deals from one stage to another.
  • Send emails to deals that you pass or put them on hold for a certain amount of time.
  • New portfolio company automatically generates a detailed holding profile for dynamic information management.

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Power up your deal flow management

Smarter workflow with integrated solutions

Zapflow's Deal flow management platform offers a powerful core, that you can boost with complementary modules. Create your ideal investment ecosystem by adding for an example venture-specific CRM, fundraising, portfolio management and LP Portal. We offer a suite of additional modules to address your teams unique business needs.


  • Close deals faster.
  • Build stronger relationships actively.
  • Gain a competitive edge with intelligent workflows.
  • Don't settle for a fragmented system.
  • Zapflow empowers you to design your ideal investment ecosystem.
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Deal overview reports

  • Zapflow has created a set of default reports based on your deal pipeline activity for quick access.
  • Our intelligent platform will automatically create relevant information for you to view based on your data.
  • View details about the most active deals by owner or stage, among other statistics in nice graphic format.
  • Structured data will help your team members to make better-informed investment decisions.
  • Share information and graphics easily to LPs from Zapflows secure LP Portal.

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tasks managment

Track your deal interactions

  • Make multiple adjustments without concern for data loss. Zapflow's dynamic activity history timeline records and stores all alterations with a timestamp and identity track.
  • Synchronize your inbox to send and receive emails directly from Zapflow, with archive option.
  • Record notes, calls, and meeting logs within individual deal profiles.
  • Generate tasks and utilize the associations feature to propagate tasks across numerous deal or entity profiles.

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webform view

Custom forms with automated tasks

  • Capture new investment opportunity data easily in a structured format with our custom webforms.
  • Add your logo, brand colors, and embed your unique webform link to your company's website.
  • Each submission creates new automated task. You can either create a new deal, company, or contact profile, or save for later review.

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What is deal flow?
In the investment world deal flow (or dealflow) means the funnel of investment opportunities one company has in specific time and district. It usually contains multiple seed stage deals, that have to be evaluated before making investment decision.
What is a deal flow management software?

Deal flow management software like Zapflow is the core tool for private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms. It helps them to streamline their investment processes, from deal sourcing to deal closing and relationship nurturing.  Best deal flow softwares offer automated tasks, streamlined workflows and facilitates data-driven decisions.

What benefits does pipeline management software provide for the private equity deal sourcing?
Pipeline management software, like Zapflow, adds efficiency and data-driven insight into every stage of the private equity process. Centralized deal information helps investment teams streamline, track and monitor data, allowing them to make better-informed decisions. Our tailored settings and web forms let you create a customized due diligence processes, ensuring you choose the right deals and close them faster.
What sets Zapflow apart from other deal flow management solutions?

Traditional CRMs, designed for simpler interactions, struggle with the complexities of PE deal flow. Zapflow bridges this gap. It offers sophisticated features tailored for intricate PE transactions, streamlines due diligence with robust document management, and provides advanced pipeline tracking with customizable stages. Unlike general CRMs, Zapflow integrates seamlessly with financial systems and offers dedicated modules for investor relations and compliance. Zapflow is customizable and secure, helping PE firms manage their deal flow efficiently and confidently. It also offers tools for post-investment management.


Tired of wasting valuable time inefficient deal flow management?