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HPP Attorneys x Zapflow - Webinar: topical in tax and M&A in Finland: Recent changes in regulations

  • kesäkuuta 16, 2023

Zapflow x HPP Attorneys Webinar: Topical in Tax and M&A in Finland: Recent changes in regulations

The ever-increasing regulation of M&A: Merger Control, Foreign Direct Investment, and Foreign Subsidies Regulation 

The regulation of private M&A continues to increase. For example, merger control thresholds in Finland have been recently lowered to capture transactions by smaller parties. At the same time, the Finnish authority's scrutiny of foreign direct investments has intensified, adding a further layer of regulation to M&A processes. Further, the EU Commission's Foreign Subsidies Regulation, which becomes applicable as of mid-July 2023, requires a separate (and further) notification of transactions that involve financial contributions by non-EU governments.


Recent key tax developments and foreseeable changes in Finland

We will discuss the key tax legislation changes which came into force as of January 1st, 2023, H1 2023 changes to tax legislation, and fundamental tax precedents issued, and speculate over the foreseeable modifications initiated by the new government.


On June 7, 2023, we hosted a webinar in collaboration with HPP Attorneys to find out more about the recent updates in M&A and tax regulations. For those that could not join us: click here to see the recording.


Learn more about our speakers:

Anna Roubier, Partner, Competition and EU Law, HPP Attorneys

Partner as of the beginning of 2021, Anna Roubier, has over 20 years of experience in various aspects of competition law (merger and anti-trust proceedings at national/multinational and EU levels). In addition to competition law, Anna regularly advises and represents clients in FDI proceedings before the Finnish Screening Authority. Anna's prior experience includes private practice in a leading U.S. firm in Brussels and working as a legal advisor in an EU independent agency.


Jaakko KlemettiläPartner, Tax and Structuring, HPP Attorneys

Jaakko Klemettilä has over 20 years of experience in taxation as an attorney specializing in tax issues, a Big4 tax consultant, an in-house tax counsel to a Finnish multinational, and a tax officer. Jaakko regularly advises Finnish and foreign clients on day-to-day tax issues, focusing on M&A transactions and group reorganizations.


Zapflow on pääomasijoittajille ja muille alan toimijoille suunnattu alusta, joka mahdollistaa koko sijoitustoiminnan hallinnan. Sen kautta onnistuu niin hankevirran hallinnointi, kohdeyhtiöiden seuranta, rahoituskierrokset ja portfolioyhtiöiden raportointi kuin asiantuntijapalveluiden hakeminen ja yhteistyö eri sidosryhmien kesken.



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