Effective Portfolio Monitoring & Reporting

Zapflow's portfolio monitoring tool simplifies the collection, storage, and monitoring of your company's portfolio holdings' performance. Effectively generate, send, and remind your portfolio companies to complete the reporting templates containing the requested quantitative and qualitative data. 

Innovative reporting structure to help investment firms track their portfolio companies

Our comprehensive suite of innovative and advanced solutions empower you to optimize your multi-asset class portfolio. Automate crucial processes, gather and analyze data, streamline processing and distribution, and effectively manage risks. Our portfolio management module enables you to excel in growth and succeed in the ever-changing world of multi-asset investing.

Custom templates

Our intuitive tool allows you to easily design everything from the email template sent to your portfolio companies and the reporting frequency to the specific metrics and questions asked in the report. Create multiple reports for different companies as needed.

Reporting tracking

Grant portfolio companies access to edit and submit their reports for your team's review. Receive reminders when submissions have been received and send reminders when due date is approaching. Upon verification, approve and lock metrics for storage.

Holdings profiles

Upon updating the status of a deal to a portfolio holding, you will be prompted to generate a new holding profile for the respective company. Subsequently, you can systematically monitor holding-specific data and independently manage deal and holding profiles.

Fund management

Associate portfolio holdings to the fund they are owned by to generate a consolidated view and summary encompassing all holdings associated with the fund, along with each holdings status.

Security is our priority

Security is one of the most important criteria for selecting a deal flow tool. Due to the sensitive nature of the information stored on our platform, your security is of paramount importance. Thanks to our comprehensive security features, we are currently trusted by several big banks, sovereign funds and Fortune 500 companies.


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