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What is Zapflow?
Zapflow is a secure front-office solution built for professional investors. Our platform helps you keep track of incoming deals, make quick "go" /" no go" decisions, collect valuable information to support decision making, and store everything relevant for future needs.In addition, Zapflow adds a layer of automation by collecting and harmonizing qualitative and quantitative data regularly from portfolio companies to support portfolio management and LP reporting.
Who is behind Zapflow?
We are a privately held software company founded by Mikko Pirinen, who ran one of the largest corporate venture teams in the Nordics. Since being founded in 2016, we have rapidly grown and now have customers in over 38 countries around the world.
How is Zapflow different from a CRM?

Sales CRMs are great tools for sales and marketing teams and can be good for a small part of the investor workflow such as fundraising.

Our platform was built specifically for investment teams to handle much of the rest of the investment workflow such as deal flow, market research, portfolio company reporting, stakeholder collaboration, as well as LP management.

Learn more about how our front-office solution is also a CRM but much more than that here.


Can Zapflow be customized?
While the platform comes with many powerful features straight out of the box, we understand that different teams have different needs and different ways of working. Our platform can be customized to fit your existing investment workflow or even used to create an entirely new, more efficient one.
Does Zapflow have different levels of access for different users?

Our platform has multiple levels of access for our customers:

  • Admin: This user can configure the system (pipelines, stages, etc.) as well as manage user rights
  • Regular users: They can access different modules and add / edit data
  • Buy-side guest users: They can access information on specific deals and collaborate on a deal-by-deal basis. This is typically used for advisors or co-investors. Please see our Pricing page for more information.
  • Sell-side guest users: They can access company information. This is typically used for founders or LPs. Please see our Pricing page for more information.

Our platform allows you to segment the users by teams. This segmentation gives you the ability to give users access to certain modules, specific investment and fundraising pipelines, as well as configure read-only access on an attribute-by-attribute level.

How files are stored in Zapflow, can they be accessed easily?

In our platform, investors can store their data directly into the platform on a per company and per deal basis. This ensures the documents are associated with the correct entities.

One feature our customers love, is that you can simply email the document to your unique Zapflow email address and the document can be automatically associated with a particular deal.

How does Zapflow handle security?

We understand the full sensitivity of our customers’ deal data and actively participate in security measures for maximum protection. Zapflow was built from the ground up with data security as a high priority and implements Information Security Management System, ISO/IEC 27001, and is GDPR compliant. Zapflow continuously conducts internal audits and third-party vulnerability assessments to keep all systems protected and up to date.

Security is our top priority. Learn more here.

What service level (I.e. SLA) do you provide?

Since 2016, our uptime has been 99,998%. In our premium plans, we are happy to formalize this also in a separate SLA. Either way, your data is safe with us and – for practical purposes – always available whenever you need it.

Do you have an LP portal?
Even better - you have the ability to invite LPs to access a deal and company information as a guest user while allowing access to the right definitions.
Do you have back-office functionality?
We can also help the back-office to get more done with less effort. You can manage your KYC processes, commitments, and capital calls (coming) in a breeze. Number crunching like IRR, NAV, and cashflow management are not in our scope and many of our clients use either excel or a dedicated back-office tool for that part alongside Zapflow.
Can my data be exported from the platform?
Yes. You own the data, with us having no interest in it. Our customers have the option of exporting all their data without reaching out to our team.
Can Zapflow be used for first-time fundraising teams?
Zapflow is perfect for fundraising teams. We have customers that range from first-time fundraising teams to those with over ten-funds; however, the needs remain the same. Reach out to us about our first-time fundraising pricing.
What asset classes does Zapflow support?
We can configure any number of alternative asset classes to your environments. Out-of-the-box, you get to work with companies, other funds (fund of funds), and real estate. Zapflow is asset class agnostic and we have configured the platform to manage innovations projects, partnerships, and even molecules!
Does Zapflow have the capability of white labeling?
Yes, however, this is on a request basis. Please reach out to our sales team to learn more.
Can we keep our existing workflows?
Yes. Our platform is configurable to meet a wide variety of workflows of an investing team. Often our customers also streamline their workflows by eliminating extra steps and adding automation to keep their data and desktop clutter-free. Our professionals are happy to help you find optimization opportunities with minimum or no distraction to your current way of working.
How files are stored in Zapflow, can they be accessed easily?

In our platform, investors can store their data directly into the platform on a per company and per deal basis. This ensures the documents are associated with the correct entities.

One feature our customers love, is that you can simply email the document to your unique Zapflow email address and the document can be automatically associated with a particular deal.

Onboarding process

Can Zapflow be integrated with our existing tools?

Our platform offers an intuitive UX design that allows you to configure your deal flow. We understand that many customers have a broad technology stack and there is no single tool that can handle everything. That’s why Zapflow is built to work seamlessly with other tools and services, being compatible with all major providers including Dropbox, Gmail, Outlook and Outlook 365.

Please see our help center to understand how to configure Zapflow to meet your needs.

How is data migration handled?

Most of our customers outsource this time-consuming task of data migration to us, although you can choose to do it yourself. As a part of our Enterprise package plan, we offer concierge onboarding and will do the heavy lifting for you, to make sure your data is migrated, and your workflow is set up for you.

Check out our pricing page for more details.

Does Zapflow offer a training for our team?

Zapflow offers a great solution, but it is only truly useful when your team understands how to use it and the value it can deliver.

As part of the Zapflow onboarding, you’ll have access to our training library as well as live training from one of our customer success managers.

This ensures your team is ready to go when handling your new and improved workflow.

How long does it take to get onboarded to Zapflow?

This is dependent on your current data structure; however, based on our experience, this can take as little as a couple of days to two-weeks for more comprehensive data.


Is there a setup fee and how do we benefit from it?

To ensure a smooth transition to Zapflow, our professional customer success managers do the account configuration, data cleanup, data mapping, data migration, multiple training sessions to different team members and guide you through the whole transition. We charge a modest setup fee based on the amount and the complexity of data you have.

Which plan is right for me and our team?

We have subscription plans suitable for all team sizes and needs - Front Office Edition and Enterprise. For a team that is just starting out, then the Front Office Edition is the right option for them. As the team grows and the various issues that need to be tracked and managed grows, we can easily move you to the next tier of subscription plan.

How does the pricing work?

It depends on two factors:

  • Plan: When a customer buys a plan, they’re getting a bundle with some of our most popular features.
  • Add-ons: Customize your package with add-ons in order to get exactly what your team needs.
What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit card payments as well as bank wire transfer.