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VC Academy 

by Zapflow 

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About VC Academy 

About the program:

1- Foundational Knowledge: Learn the basics of VC, including industry trends, key terms, and the VC lifecycle.
2- Fundraising: Gain insights into fundraising strategies, due diligence, valuation, term sheets, and more.
3- Portfolio Management: Learn how to manage and create value in your portfolio companies.
4- Exit Strategies: Understand the various exit strategies available to VCs, including IPOs, acquisitions, and mergers.
5- Industry Analysis: Get a deep dive into the industries and sectors VCs invest in, including emerging trends and opportunities.
6- Networking: Build your network and connect with other VCs, entrepreneurs, and industry experts.
7- Entrepreneurship: Discover the secrets to successful entrepreneurship and how to apply them to your VC career.

Program Structure


  • Introduction to the World of VC
  • Envisioning the best venture capitalist in the world
  • Building and Leveraging Social Capital
  • Identifying the Customers and Needs
  • Let’s not Put the Cart Before the Horse!
    • Purpose, Mission, and Vision
    • A Strategy to Implement the Vision
    • A Business Model to Implement the Strategy
    • A Team with Strong Core Competencies to Execute the Business Model
    • Metrics that Matter to track and finetune companies operations
      • Fundraising
      • Dealflow management
      • Portfolio management and Value Creation
      • Exit Execution
    • Understanding the structure of this program

Chapter 1

  • How to Build and Manage Venture Capital Fund Management Company
    • The Vision of your AIFM, now and into the Future
    • The AIFM Ecosystem
    • The AIFM Strategy and Model
    • Building up the AIFM resources
    • Closing the Contracts from the AIFM
    • Managing the Lifecycle of the AIFM

Chapter 2

  • How to Raise a Fund and Manage LPs
    • Our Fundraising and LP Management Vision
    • Fundraising Ecosystem
    • Fundraising Strategy and Model
    • Investor Screening
    • Investor Onboarding
    • Investor Management

Chapter 3

  • How to Manage Dealflow and Make Investments
    • Your Investing and Deal Flow Management Vision
    • Investing Ecosystem
    • Investment Strategy and Model
    • Target Company Screening
    • Investment Execution
    • Portfolio company Onboarding

Chapter 4

  • How to Create Value Thru Portfolio Management
    • Your Value Creation and Portfolio Management Vision
    • Value Creation Ecosystem
    • Value Creation Strategy and Model
    • Portfolio Company Monitoring and Prioritizing
    • Executing Value Creation and Value Add
    • Value Lockin and Moving Towards Value Realization

Chapter 5

  • How to Realize Value through Exits
    • Your Value Realization and Exit Management Vision
    • Exit Ecosystem
    • Exit Strategy and Model
    • Exit Positioning
    • Exit Execution
    • Post Motems, Pattern Recognition, and Learning

Integration and pulling it together

  • Describe the use of a Limited Partnership in a venture capital fund
    • What are the components of a Limited Partnership Agreement?
    • What are alternative fund structures besides limited partnerships used by venture capital firms?
  • What are the various components of a venture capital firm’s strategy?
  • What is the Lifecycle of a venture capital fund?
  • Becoming a VC - breaking into the industry.


VC Academy will be held in 6 weeks of intensive 2-3 hours long sessions with complementary homework using supported tools. 

Program Dates

Enrolment starts 6/15/2023

The program continues until 12/20/2023


The 6-week program will culminate in a certification day, where the participants get to deliver their polished project to impress our advisors. We will invite fellow VCs, angel investors, bankers, and corporate representatives to attend the day.

The schedule will be announced to the participants in more detail later.


Selection of candidates for each cohort is based on certain criteria, including commitment to complete the program, interest in obtaining the certificate, and having a relevant background. If you meet these requirements and receive an invitation, you can choose either the Verified Certificate or the auditing option based on your preferences and needs.

1- Verified Certification: You will have unlimited access to the full course materials, activities, tests, and forums. Additionally, upon completing the program with a passing grade, you will receive a Verified Certificate as a formal recognition of your achievement. Receiving certification costs €299. 

2- Auditing the Course: If you opt for auditing the course, you can do so for free. Auditing provides access to select course materials, activities, tests, and forums. However, it's important to note that this track does not offer a certificate even if you earn a passing grade. Essentially, auditing allows you to explore and engage with the course content without formal certification.


Welcome to the VC Academy Program

With VC Academy by Zapflow, we will aim to provide best-in-class training for new VCs as well as CRM solutions. The program will guide participants through the journey of becoming a VC - not just through theory and information, but with practical experience using VC & PE tools. 


Are you ready to fast-track your personal growth? The application period is from June 16th to July 16th.

Apply sooner than later, and make sure you’re in!

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About the instructor

William Cardwell has been in the Venture Capital industry since 1998. He has led, co-led, and followed in over 150 funding rounds to more than 80 startup and early-stage companies.In addition, he has taught Venture Capital, M&A, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurship/Startup Formation to more than 500 undergrads, MBAs, and executives over that period. Today he is a partner in 3 different venture firms and is an adjunct professor at the University of North Carolina Kenan Flagler Business School, Aalto University, and Helsinki Business School.

William Cardwell

Courage Ventures and Open Circle Capital; Adjunct Professor, Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC.



Program impact

  • Gaining industry knowledge
  • Understanding fundraising, investment opportunities, portfolio management, holdings, capital gain, and the lifecycle of a venture fund
  • Applying best practices for investing
  • Understanding investment strategies and models
  • Selecting the best deals and negotiating with greater confidence
  • Monitoring the progress of portfolio companies and choosing exit strategies
  • Expanding your personal and professional networks, building and managing relationships
  • Leveraging platforms like Zapflow to manage and organize contacts, track interactions, and stay connected with your network

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Gaining industry knowledge and expertise is an ongoing process. Continuously learning, adapting to market changes, and staying connected with industry professionals will help you refine your investment strategies and achieve success in your venture fund activities.

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