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Deal Flow

Manage your deal flow effectively with Zapflow. With customizable pipelines, saved shareable views, short and long card displays, and intricate filtering and categorization, you and your team can configure your platform to suit your custom needs, out of the box.


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Whether you are raising your first fund or your fifth, Zapflow provides you the tools to manage the process from prospecting to close. At the core of Zapflow lies your data and the associations your data make. With Zapflow, you can more effectively harness these associations to manage investor relations and collect tangible metrics to better your collateral. Bring in additional users like placement agents via our guest accounts and grant leveled access permissions.


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Automate and reduce the time required for the investor onboarding process. Update and adjust for constantly evolving compliance requirements and streamline the communications process. Forget about misplaced, duplicated, or lost documents, and feel safe knowing our secure storage practices protect your confidential investor documents.


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Portfolio Management

Zapflow offers integrated portfolio monitoring tools that ensure your ability to use Zapflow as one source of truth across your funds and managed investments. Zapflow offers flexible term, qualitative, and quantitative portfolio reporting with communications channels for your assets to report into directly.


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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A typical CRM may be geared towards managing a sales process with a limited number of stakeholders. This is suitable for specific use cases; however, no amount of configuration will suit the needs of the average asset manager. The more complex the case gets the more apparent the need for a CRM with all asset classes in mind. Zapflow is developed in tandem with its team of industry experts and the customers who use the software daily to meet their management needs.


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