Alternative Investment Market with ease and confidence

Our platform is custom-built for businesses seeking to manage their funds in the alternative investment market. Whether you are a professional fund manager in private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, or any other alternative investment, our platform is the ideal tool to manage your data, pipelines and capitalize on your portfolios.


Build your PE Strategy

In today's fast-paced investment landscape, it is crucial for private equity firms to embrace a sophisticated and technology-driven approach. Meeting the demands of modern LPs requires a data-driven and scientific execution of investment theses.

Our private equity software empowers professionals to develop investment strategies by leveraging the power of both proprietary and third-party data.

Furthermore, it enables them to seamlessly execute their vision, transforming handshakes into closed deals. Regardless of your firm's geographical focus, deal size, or industry specialization, our software is designed to assist PE investors at every step.

Best-in-class private equity professionals rely on our private equity software for comprehensive solutions, including:

  • Core platform CRM
  • Portfolio monitoring and reporting
  • Deal flow pipeline management
  • Compliance and KYC
  • Private equity reporting
  • Relationship management
  • Fundraising pipeline management
  • Investor relations and reporting


Zapflow provides solutions on how investment professionals, including AIFM asset managers, can optimize their operations to maximize their ability to identify opportunities, effectively manage portfolios, and navigate regulatory challenges. By streamlining operations, professionals can not only enhance efficiency but also improve decision-making, risk management, and overall performance.

Core platform and CRM

Email integration
Introduction tracking
Data enrichment
Contact management
User management
Activity tracking
Standard reporting
Free tracking
Relation tracking
Document storage

Our Customers

Investment teams recognize the need to work hand in hand, leveraging the power of software platforms to maximize their efficiency and productivity. Our cutting-edge platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools that facilitate seamless communication, effortless document sharing, and streamlined team coordination for investment teams in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Corporate Development, Fund of Funds, Family Offices, Real Estate, and other AIFs.

Alternative Investment Fund Managers

Zapflow will serve as a valuable tool for these firms, as they bear the responsibility of overseeing and directing the comprehensive management and operational aspects of AIFs across various asset categories.

Private Equity

Private equity involves extensive data analysis. Our software assists in effectively processing and analyzing substantial amounts of data to facilitate well-informed investment decisions by optimizing deal flow and fundraising pipelines and collaborating within large teams.

Corporate Development Professionals

Organizations with distinctive workflows and relationship management processes will receive a customized implementation of our adaptable features, enabling them to utilize the platform according to their specific requirements.