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Deal Flow

Zapflow is an efficient deal flow management software for all investors. We go beyond a traditional sales CRM tool by leveraging the power of technology to make deal management processes quicker and more effective.

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Zapflow leverages the power of technology to make fundraising campaigns a seamless and easier than ever before experience.


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Zapflow helps you ensure compliance with KYC and AML laws. We leverage the power of technology to facilitate seamless communication and secure storage of confidential investor documents.


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Portfolio Management

Zapflow goes beyond a traditional CRM or relationship scoring platform. We leverage the power of technology to make portfolio management easier than ever before.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Zapflow is a CRM with more value and a lot more features compared to sales CRM. Traditional CRM manages simple processes with a relatively small number of stakeholders. A lot of operations in the investment industry such as deal flow management, fundraising, exit processes and portfolio monitoring require much more than sales CRM can deliver. Zapflow eliminates manual work, clutters and unnecessary time-consuming tasks. Some of the benefits are improved performance, enhanced relationships, higher results at a reasonable price.


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