Since early 2016, Zapflow has developed the best platform
out there for professional investors

Zapflow team

Mikko Pirinen
Founder & CEO
Timo Kauranen
Co-founder, CTO

Zapflow’s story

Our story started when Mikko ran the M&A and CVC departments of a telecommunications firm with 80+ transactions under its belt. In his role, Mikko and his team experienced first-hand the pain of managing large amounts of data using Excel, rather than a purpose-built tool for deal flow management.

As amazing as Excel can be, it really was not designed for managing the deal flow process or provide answers to simple questions like: “How’s our deal pipeline?”, “What’s going on with XYZ?” or “Didn’t you already look into Starco?”.

Thanks to this painful experience, Mikko knew exactly how to build a deal flow management tool that would solve these problems.

It had to be a solution that supports investors in managing their workload, keeps track of deals over time, and has a modern look and feel.

Furthermore, it must enable an investor to input deal data directly and to easily collaborate with their team.

Mikko reasoned the solution to all of these should do all that (and more), and the investor should have a feeling of getting real value for their hard-earned money.

After careful market research, it became evident that this kind of tool did not exist, and this is how Zapflow was born.

Today, Zapflow is on a mission to help professional investors make better decisions with less effort. Zapflow’s deal flow management tool launched July 2016 and includes features such as a mobile application, expanded reporting and a deal input form, which investors can use on their website to get deal proposals directly into their deal flow database.

Zapflow continually invests in product development to release new features such as data room support for due diligence and portfolio reporting (to be released later this year). Our mission: Save professional investors’ time and to help them better manage their investment funnel.