Cookie Declaration

Effective: March 18, 2024

Below you will find a list of our different types of cookies – including third parties we share your cookie information with – either to process the cookie on our behalf or as separate data controllers.

__cf_bm necessary 29 minutes Cloudfare Cloudflare's bot products identify and mitigate automated traffic to protect your site from bad bots. Cloudflare places the __cf_bm cookie on End User devices that access Customer sites that are protected by Bot Management or Bot Fight Mode. The __cf_bm cookie is necessary for the proper functioning of these bot solutions.
__hs_do_not_track necessary 179 days HubSpot Prevents the tracking code from sending any information to HubSpot
_cfuvid necessary session Cloudfare This cookie is used to apply rate limits to traffic. It allows the Cloudflare WAF to distinguish individual users who share the same IP address.
NID necessary 182 days Google This cookies is used to collect website statistics and track conversion rates and Google ad personalisation
__hs_cookie_cat_pref necessary 180 days HubSpot The HubSpot Cookie Banner's consent preferences cookie.
__cfruid necessary session Cloudfare Used by the content network, Cloudflare, to identify trusted web traffic.
test_cookie functionality 14 minutes Google This cookie is set by DoubleClick (which is owned by Google) to determine if the website visitor's browser supports cookies.
AnalyticsSyncHistory functionality 29 days LinkedIn Used to store information about the time a sync with the lms_analytics cookie took place for users in the Designated Countries
JSESSIONID functionality session Zapflow JSESSIONID is a platform session cookie and is used by sites with JavaServer Pages (JSP). The cookie is used to maintain an anonymous user session by the server.
_ga_QTR6SKFMV6 analytics 400 days Google Analytics Used to persist session state
_gid analytics 1439 minutes Google Analytics ID used to identify users for 24 hours after last activity
_gat analytics 59 seconds Google Analytics Used to monitor number of Google Analytics server requests when using Google Tag Manager
__hstc analytics 179 days Hubspot Analytics tracking cookie
_ga analytics 399 days Google Analytics ID used to identify users
__hssc analytics 29 minutes Hubspot Analytics session cookie
li_sugr analytics 89 days LinkedIn Used to make a probabilistic match of a user's identity outside the Designated Countries
__hssrc analytics session Hubspot Used to determine if a session is a new session
hubspotutk analytics 179 days Hubspot Contains visitor's identity
vuid analytics 399 days Vimeo This first party cookie created by Vimeo is used to assign a Vimeo Analytics unique id.
lidc advertisement 1 days LinkedIn ads Used by the social networking service, LinkedIn, for tracking the use of embedded services.
personalization_id advertisement 399 days X (Twitter) Unique value with which users can be identified by Twitter. Collected information is used to be personalize Twitter services, including Twitter trends, stories, ads and suggestions.
_gcl_au advertisement 89 days Google ads Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services.
bscookie advertisement 365 days LinkedIn ads Used by LinkedIn to track the use of embedded services.
bcookie advertisement 365 days LinkedIn ads Used by LinkedIn to track the use of embedded services.
UserMatchHistory advertisement 29 days LinkedIn ads These cookies are set by LinkedIn for advertising purposes, including: tracking visitors so that more relevant ads can be presented, allowing users to use the 'Apply with LinkedIn' or the 'Sign-in with LinkedIn' functions, collecting information about how visitors use the site, etc.
IDE advertisement 399 days Google ads This cookie is used for targeting, analyzing and optimisation of ad campaigns in DoubleClick/Google Marketing Suite 
muc_ads advertisement 399 days X (Twitter)  

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