Confidential information is advantage in the race of investments

Longing for new investment opportunity data without data entry? Investment professionals can capture vital non-public data easily and systematically in a structured format directly into your database, using Zapflow web forms. 

To sustain a competitive advantage, you must prioritize tasks and operations while maintaining visibility over confidential information and ensuring data integrity. To accelerate the process, we deliver a set of capabilities that transform the operational dynamics in workflows, giving you and your firm more time to analyze and focus on more critical activities, leading to better investment decisions.

Zapflow webform - investment opportunities

What are Zapflow web forms? 

Web forms allow you to gather vital non-public data while reducing the data burden and eliminating the need of jumping back and forth between various sources to share and obtain complex information. It offers a competitive basis to manage valuable non-public data while allowing you to efficiently and effortlessly take hold of new investment opportunities into your database. You can easily retrieve information on company details, specific asset types, proposed deals, and other opportunities seamlessly from one source. 

This is possible by creating a customizable form and embedding it into your website, email signature, or sharing it with your stakeholders. By doing so, you allocate less time on data entry and delegate the task to your target companies or their advisors. This process empowers you with hard-to-find data; it supports your institutional knowledge when making crucial decisions and offers a highly valued service that meets your professional network needs and interests. 

How is submitted data handled?

Zapflow webform  resolution

Through a complex system of aggregating and consolidating multi-level data, the synergy of Zapflow web form and web-entry task resolution allows you to gain visibility and insight on different operational aspects. 
To operate effectively, web form functionality needs its counterpart, web-entry task resolution. Web-entry task resolution is developed to offer an easy way to address and review new investment opportunity data retrieved via the company's web form. Web-entry resolution workflow enables reviewing and resolving web form submission data without clutter or duplicates and positively enhances stakeholder communication. 
By combining their unique benefits, web forms and web-entry task resolution offer an innovative way to simplify professionals' day-to-day activities, empowering them with cutting-edge functionalities and actionable information. 
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