Most boring part of your work? 100 bucks on data entry

  • June 22, 2022

We all know data entry sucks even when there’s so much to gain by meticulous data collection from multiple sources followed by thoughtful analysis. But let’s face it – it’s boring as hell and usually gets done only for those cases that you want to take a deeper look into.

We thought this was a problem worth solving and so did all our customers we’ve already spoken to. That is why we’re turbocharging Zapflow with a human and computer analyst powered service called Zapflow Analyst.

Zapflow Analyst works like your interns but needs less rest. They crawl and gather basic information from public sources in the web and automagically enrich your data. This all happens while you’re having your cup of coffee or having a zen moment. The second batch of data arrives the next business day when our human analysts have done their magic including Google-searches and public data sources. If you have the license to third party premium data, we may be able to source data also from paid sources like Pitchbook, Capital IQ, CB Insights, Owler, Mattermark, Privco, Datafox or Chrunchbase Pro.

You will then have more data to make better informed decisions, even if you decide to pass a case immediately. And this data can prove surprising valuable from a BI perspective, too.

Behind the scenes? Zapflow Analyst is like your own little half-mechanical elf, who takes care of the boring things and lets you focus on analysis and decision making. In engineer-friendly parlance, it’s a smart combination of APIs put to hard work and a dedicated team of analysts trained to find the more tricky-to-find data. The qualitative judgment is always left to you.

We’re starting our closed beta and we’d like you to join our beta program. In exchange, we’ll give you 50% for the first year. You can also join our waiting list to be the first to hear about when we’re launching, but this will only give you 10% off. Special bonus: If I lose the wager in the title, I’ll give you $100 off when you eventually sign-up for the service. If I win, I’ll make it $200.

You can sign up now for the limited Zapflow Analysts Beta or sign up for the waiting list for the final product.

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