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Deal Flow Power Tool for VC & PE


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Add comfort and control to your deal flow management



Zapflow is purpose-built for VCs and PE

Zapflow is a power tool designed for daily use in any GP or LP. It helps you manage the key processes including deal flow management and reporting; as well as collecting data from prospective and current portfolio companies. We are on a mission to give you more control while spending less time.



From those hundred opportunities to one

We all know it takes time and effort to find those hundred opportunities, weed out the unwanted and try to share the tacit knowledge of all the cases to the whole team. Unlike any other tool, Zapflow is designed at its core to handle all of that.



100% Secure. Period

We take security and confidentiality very seriously. This is reflected in our operations, policies, and technology so that you can have complete confidence in storing your crucial data with us. Rest assured - your data is yours and yours alone. We'd be more than happy to share our thoughts and principles in more detail if you like. 


See what Zapflow is all about

We created this short video to give you an overview how Zapflow helps you gain more control of your deal flow and make better-informed decisions. Just click play below.


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Hear what our customers have to say 


We quickly saw the potential of Zapflow and loved the intuitive interface through a visual drag and drop design with the deal specific backend capabilities. After evaluating several options we came to the conclusion that Zapflow is the only solution that serves our needs, has good usability and is easily implementable.

Gordian Braun (Investment Scout)
MOIA (Subsidiary of Volkswagen AG)


We so felt the pain! Managing the deal flow in Excel was a nightmare and we are happy that all our deals are all now in Zapflow.

Will Cardwell (Partner)
Courage Ventures


We went through an exhaustive process and selected Zapflow because we were excited about their functionality. Particularly their ability to capture and streamline our deal flow and transform it to a well-organized work flow.

Eran Gilad (Managing Partner)
Scopus Ventures


Before Zapflow, we managed all our deal flow basically by pulling information from our inboxes. Needless to say there’s no going back.

Tapio Talvisalo (CEO)


Sleek design with just the features you need 


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Frequently asked questions

What is Zapflow?
Zapflow is powertool purpose-built for professional investors. It helps you keep track of incoming deals, process them quicker, collect valuable information to support decision making and store everything relevant for future needs. Further, Zapflow adds a layer of automation to collecting and harmonizing data collected regularly from portfolio companies to support portfolio management and LP reporting.
Who is behind Zapflow?
We're a privately held company founded by Mikko Pirinen. We're funded by business angels. More information in "About us".
We now use [XYZ]. How is Zapflow different?

Based on our and our customers' experiences,

  • Users of Excel appreciate the easy shared access, audit trail, easy of use, flexibility and robustness.
  • Users of a CRM appreciate the simplicity, aggregated reporting features, usability and data collection functionality.
  • Users of Trello/Slack/Zendesk/Podio appreciate the simplicity and ease of maintenance and integration capabiilites. 
  • Users of competing solutions appreciate the easy migration, ease of use, relevant functionality, affordable pricing and dedicated fully funded team behind the provider.

Zapflow is developed purely for deal flow management and data collection - only for GPs. Zapflow is built to work seamlessly with other tools and services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Podio, Slack, Trello and many others. In fact, we encourage to use a suitable tool for a particular need such as data room, communication or project management. Let Zapflow handle what Zapflow does best!


Is Zapflow a CRM?

Zapflow is not a CRM but Zapflow works well together with CRM and other productivity tools. We've developed a power tool for managing your deal flow, deals and interactions with target/portfolio companies.

If you already have a CRM, Zapflow is a great addition to your toolbox. If you're considering using a CRM, have look at Zapflow first and only then pick a CRM if you still think you need one. Zapflow is designed to handle quite a few CRM functionalities but sometimes it makes sense to have both - seldom only a CRM.

What does it cost?

See current pricing at www.zapflow.com/pricing. The prices include set-up, maintenance, and continuous updates. We also offer a 14-day free trial to the full version so that you can try Zapflow out risk-free.

We also have plans for micro-VCs, angels and family offices.

How does Zapflow make my life easier?

In 2 big and numerous small ways:

1) You'll have an up-to-date view of your own and your team mates' deal flow and changes therein. You don't need to spend time wondering what's going on with that Newco What's-its-name Ltd, you can update your own stuff easily Sunday evenings and get straight to the point in your Monday meetings. 

2) Zapflow allows you to collect systematically harmonious data from your target companies and portfolio companies. In practice,  you can a) fetch data from 3rd party data sources and b) collect portfolio company reporting data systematically from all your portfolio companies regularly hence facilitating your everyday operations and even LP reporting.