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Investment management software for streamlined deal flow and portfolio management.

    • Enhanced collaboration and decision-making process
    • Better data – Better investments 
    • Security is our top priority 
    • Understanding your numbers 
    • Impress your LPs 
    • More than a CRM: All-in-one 

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At Zapflow, we value privacy, reliability, and extreme efficiency. Designed by investing teams, for investing teams. With Zapflow, you gain unrivaled insights and reporting tools that help you make faster, more informed decisions.


Will Cardwell

Courage Ventures – Finland

We so felt the pain! Managing the deal flow in Excel was a nightmare and we are happy that all our deals are all now in Zapflow. (2)

Tapio Talvisalo

Winterbackwoods – Finland 

Before Zapflow, we managed all our deal flow basically by pulling information from our inboxes. Needless to say, there’s no going back.


Gordian Braun (Investment Scout)

MOIA (Subsidiary of VolkswagenAG)

After evaluating several options we came to the conclusion that Zapflow is the only solution that serves our needs, has good usability and is easily implementable.