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Which software is right for your Venture Capital or Private Equity team?

There are literally hundreds of tools that venture capital and private equity teams can choose from to manage their deal flow and portfolio reporting. With  all of  that choice, it can be confusing to know what type of tool may add the most value for your team.   

One of the most common tools investment teams use today is a Sales CRM system such as Pipedrive and Salesforce. While these are powerful tools built to optimize sales performance, they may not necessarily be the best tool for your team to optimize their deal flow and reporting.   

Below, we’ve outlined some of the biggest differences between Zapflow, a tool built specifically for investing teams, and sales CRM systems. 

Zapflow vs Sales CRM


Sales CRM 




Ideal user 



Sales teams looking to increase their sales pipeline and closing rate. The purpose is to manage a sales pipeline 



Venture Capital and Private Equity teams looking to optimize their  deal flow and reporting by saving time and making more informed investment decisions. It was built to handle end to end investment workflow including fundraising, deal flow, transaction, and portfolio management 

Pipeline vs Deal flow psychology 


With a scarcity of leads, each prospect needs to be nurtured with the hope of converting as many leads as possible 


An avalanche of potential deals means the team needs to make go / no go decisions quickly based on quality data 

Managed relationships 


Ideally suited for prospect and customer relationship management 


Built specifically to manage relationships between  co-investors,  portfolio companies, advisors and LP’s 

Data entry 


Manually enter company and contact data with additional functionality that allows you to pull contact info from business cards or  publicly available sources such as  LinkedIn 


Manual entry plus multiple ways to automate data entry: 

  • Webform allows potential portfolio companies to enter data 
  • Research analyst service does the heavy lifting of data entry for you 
  • Automated enrichment of  company and contact data via third party sources 

Inter-relationship of deals 


Inter-relationships are not  important, and you can sell to  company A the same as company B 


Inter-relationships are critical and keeping track of companies, contacts and investors can help make a go / no go decision even faster as well as raise the potential priority and value of a deal 

External collaboration 


There are good collaboration tools for your team or others in your organization. However, you do not collaborate in your sales CRM with prospects 


With guest users, you can easily invite buy-side and sell-side guests to input data, allowing you to collaborate with the entire deal team which reduces the amount of e-mails and clutter during the transaction phase 

Notifying killed deals 


Sales teams do not kill deals, prospects do. Therefore, there’s no need for this functionality since it doesn’t make sense for sales teams 


Save time by automatically notifying companies that you do not wish to invest  in  right now, while also retaining that data for possible future deals or market comparisons 

Metrics and reporting 


Track sales cases by pipeline stage and measure win / loss rates as well as  team and individual performance 


In addition to deal flow stage, you can also track deal status (active, pass, on hold) and easily create deal flow metric reports and portfolio company reporting for LP's at the touch of a button 

Development focus 


Development of new features is focused on sales teams and optimizing their sales pipelines, closing rates, and customer relationship management 


Development of new features is focused 100% on VC and PE teams and making  deal flow faster to manage, collaboration between deal teams easier and relationships with LP’s stronger 


Find out why over 100 companies in over 30 countries trust Zapflow for their investment workflows.

We love
the intuitive interface

We quickly saw the potential of Zapflow and loved the intuitive interface through a visual drag and drop design with the deal specific back-end capabilities. After evaluating several options we came to the conclusion that Zapflow is the only solution that serves our needs, has good usability and is easily implementable. Gordian Braun (Investment Scout)MOIA (Subsidiary of Volkswagen AG)

We are happy that all our
deals are in Zapflow now

We so felt the pain! Managing the deal flow in Excel was a nightmare and we are happy that all our deals are all now in Zapflow.Will Cardwell (Partner)Courage Ventures

Needless to say
there's no going back

Before Zapflow, we managed all our deal flow basically by pulling information from our inboxes. Needless to say there’s no going back.Tapio Talvisalo (CEO)Winterbackwoods