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Save time in your market research with Zapflow explorer

Spend time analyzing companies, not searching for them

Instantly Understand the Competitive Landscape

Get a list of relevant companies at the touch of the button. Zapflow explorer, powered by, crawls over 420 million global websites to deliver an AI powered search. At a quick glance, you find information on relevant companies such as company size, social media presence, and website traffic.

An Entire World of Alternative Investment Opportunities

Hoping to stumble onto the next Unicorn? With access to over 420 million websites globally, Zapflow Explorer delivers possible alternative investments of different sizes and locations based on relevance. Let your team spend their valuable time analyzing companies, not searching for them.

How is Zapflow different?

Learn how Zapflow, a tool built for Venture Capital and Private Equity teams, is different than a traditional Sales CRM.

Additional Insights with Quick Filters

Additional Insights with Quick Filters

From the long list, it’s easy to filter down to the companies that are most relevant for you. Whether it’s Geography, industry, website traffic, or technology stack, Zapflow Explorer delivers the insights you need.

Additional Insights with Quick Filters

Easily import the data you need

It's easy to create a list of the companies that interest you and import them into your Zapflow database. You can also automatically associate the companies with your potential target company, giving you and your team immediate insights into the competitive landscape.

Find out why over 100 companies in over 30 countries trust Zapflow for their investment workflows.

We love
the intuitive interface

We quickly saw the potential of Zapflow and loved the intuitive interface through a visual drag and drop design with the deal specific bac-kend capabilities. After evaluating several options we came to the conclusion that Zapflow is the only solution that serves our needs, has good usability and is easily implementable. Gordian Braun (Investment Scout)MOIA (Subsidiary of Volkswagen AG)