QA Engineer


As our highly appreciated QA engineer, you play a critical role in ensuring that our clients globally get the expected experience when using our web and mobile applications. You can work from anywhere provided you have a reliable internet connection. Irrespective of your location, we expect you to be independent and proactive without the need for everyday live guidance and support. Industry experience is irrelevant – what matters is what you can and want to do.

Our team:

We are a self-directed distributed team of senior full-stack developers and we follow a modified Scrum process. We expect all team members to manage themselves and work at full speed also under minimal direct supervision. Members handle job assignments, plan and schedule their work independently within Scrum framework and are very confident to raise a question if anything is unclear. All communication happens in English using digital tools (Skype, Slack etc.)

What you get:
What you would be doing:
What we expect:

We look forward to receiving your application the soonest. For more information and applications, please contact Timo (CTO) at