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Easily collect and share your performance metrics

Save time, increase visibility and impress your LP’s with reporting the way it should be

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Zapflow is one of the key tools we use in our day to day work. It enables us to do everything from deal flow tracking to portfolio reporting. Cyril Vančura, Partner Imec Xpand

Reduce your reporting times from several weeks to a few days

Quickly gather quantitative and qualitative data from portfolio companies without lifting a finger. Use fully customizable templates for your reporting companies to standardize data collection and reduce email clutter. Know exactly who has finished reporting, and sign-off when you have the data you need. Since your portfolio companies enter the data for you, it can easily save several days of effort for each of your reporting cycles.

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Zapflow helps your team save time, increase visibility and make better decisions

Increase visibility for your team and stakeholders

Automatically generate deal flow metrics to understand throughput times and deal flow sources. Easily recognize where your best deals come from and who sources them.

Impress your LP’s, Investment Committee and Board with better numbers

It’s never been easier to showcase the quantity and quality of the work you do for you investors. Automatically generate deal flow metrics including throughput times and deal flow sources. With your structured data from portfolio companies in place, use one click reporting to create company one pagers for your team members, LP’s and other key stakeholders.

How is Zapflow different?

Learn how Zapflow, a tool built for Venture Capital and Private Equity teams, is different than a traditional Sales CRM.

Find out why over 100 companies in over 30 countries trust Zapflow for their investment workflows.

We love
the intuitive interface

We quickly saw the potential of Zapflow and loved the intuitive interface through a visual drag and drop design with the deal specific bac-kend capabilities. After evaluating several options we came to the conclusion that Zapflow is the only solution that serves our needs, has good usability and is easily implementable. Gordian Braun (Investment Scout)MOIA (Subsidiary of Volkswagen AG)

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. Zapflow Target Reporting is designed to solve problems in reporting routines between target companies and investors. Board reporting may have different objectives, stakeholders and practices. Therefore, suitability for board reporting has to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Yes. You can choose to have a company-specific template to capture company-specific metrics. You may also want to have a template for a group of companies - for example, SaaS-companies in your portfolio may report a different set of metrics than media companies. Zapflow can handle it all.