Know your numbers!?

As a finance pro, you are used to working with numbers and always tell the CEOs to have their numbers right. You understand that what can be quantified and measured can also be managed and improved. When did you last take a 360-view on your own numbers? You certainly know the latest IRR and deal multiples but how about metrics on your lifeblood deal flow and its metrics?

I challenge you to honestly answer these few questions:

  • What’s your LTM figure on the number of cases in your deal flow? Not roughly but exactly and where did they come from? Inbound? Outbound? Referred by someone and who?
  • How much data you have on the cases you pass on the spot and how do you track their progress once they disappear from your immediate monitoring?
  • How long does it take for cases to progress in your different process steps and how close to 100% your response rates to CEOs are? Also with passed cases?
  • How much time and effort you could save if you had the exact answers all to these questions readily available and in real time?

And as a bonus two more questions: How many of these questions were you able to answer with exact figures? How have you utilized this information to develop your own deal flow management?

If you didn’t have the answers I can comfort you by saying that you are not alone in your situation and that Zapflow can help you out!

Topics: deal flow, numbers, statistics, KPI