Drag and drop deal flow tracking

When was the last time you met a sales man who liked to spend his time by archiving information or a professional investor who enjoyed to manually manage his deal flow files? It has been a while, right?

In this world there are few things that one can rely on. One of the things to rely on is that people want to do the right things as long as it is easy and convenient. And they will most likely want to do the things right when it is easier than doing things not-so-right. That is the philosophy in easyfying; believing that people want to do the right things and making it so easy to do the right things that they will do it naturally.

 Zapflow is built to the power tool for deal flow management and that is why we have wanted to make the everyday management of deal flow as easy as possible with drag and drop. One can drag and drop the cases between different phases of deal flow and prioritize the cases within a phase. When one drags the case to the bottom third of the screen action zone is activated. There one can drop the case to be put on hold or passed. 

And suddenly managing the deal flow is less of a burden and a more convenient task to do. See the video to figure out how Zapflow really works for you. 

 See the video here! 


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