A quick kill is a good one

Let’s face it: You want to see many cases to gain insight and to not miss any opportunities. You also want to zap (/zap/, informal, to destroy or to obliterate) almost all of them instantly since

the further the target companies get in your deal flow process the more resources you consume. In general, the earlier you kill a case better for you AND the target company

Quick kill is a good one but can you kill more efficiently?

  1. Know if someone in your team has already analyzed the same case earlier and what they thought about it. As you know, CEOs tend to bang your doors many times over a long period of time.
  2. Verify that the company really is within your investment scope.
  3. Check potential dependencies and identify conflicts with other cases in your deal flow or portfolio.
  4. Have the target company do bulk of the boring work preceding your analyst/associate analysis

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