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Product Release: Zapflow Explorer enables you to quickly find Similar Companies with AI Driven Search Capabilities

At Zapflow, we are continuously searching for ways to help our customers optimize the way they spend their time. Many Venture Capital and Private Equity teams spend hours, if not days working on competitive analysis as well as searching for possible alternative investments. With this in mind, we’ve launched Zapflow Explorer in partnership with, (a leading account-based marketing platform). Zapflow Explorer gives users the power of AI powered search to quickly find relevant companies spend time analyzing them instead of searching for them. With this new partnership, Zapflow users can now search over 420 million companies globally to deliver data in a matter of seconds, not days. Read More

How better data can improve your deal flow

When Angels and Venture Capitalists look to invest in early-stage companies, they are intaking a huge risk in hopes of the golden ticket. Seed and early-stage startups are still figuring out their business model, focused on developing their product, implementing a sales strategy, and figuring out how to acquire customers. These plans are pulled out from thin air, with nothing substantial to work with. What their value proposition or business description is at this stage will, more than likely, change within the year. So, the question remains; what criteria do Angel's and Venture Capitalists look for when investing in early-stage startups? Read More

Things to consider when selecting a CRM for VC

Having talked to a few hundred VC and PE funds over a period of two years, we decided it’s time to share some of the most important lessons learned in selecting the right tool for the job. Venture capital CRM seems to be one of the top queries out there, so we figured it’s only fair we help out by creating a list of important things to think about when it’s time to decide what platform to adopt. Read More

GDPR for VC and PE firms – 5 forces shaping the impact of the regulation on the industry

The GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, is a new EU data privacy law that came into force on 25 May 2018. The GDPR is intended to provide a single harmonized data privacy law that applies across the EU. It applies not only within the territories of EU, but also more broadly to any firm that is “offering goods or services” into the EU, or is monitoring the behavior of EU residents. Read More

Zapflow and GDPR

25 May 2018 marked the start of enforcement of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. This new piece of legislation has had a great impact on anyone whose business involves handling personal data about EU residents or within the EU. This also applies to information Zapflow users gather from target companies and their stakeholders. Read More

Basics of Deal Flow

Plenty has been written on venture capital (VC), private equity (PE) and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) as subsets of the financial industry. Despite the extensive coverage the concept of deal flow (sometimes written as dealflow or even deal-flow) remains vaguely formalized - partly due to lack of coverage, and partly due to the fluidity of the concept itself. Then, what exactly is a “deal flow”? Why is it important to investors; GPs, family offices and business angels alike? Read More

Most boring part of your work? $100 on data entry.

We all know data entry sucks even when there’s so much to gain by meticulous data collection from multiple sources followed by thoughtful analysis. But let’s face it – it’s boring as hell and usually gets done only for those cases that you want to take a deeper look into. Read More

A quick kill is a good one

Let’s face it: You want to see many cases to gain insight and to not miss any opportunities. You also want to zap (/zap/, informal, to destroy or to obliterate) almost all of them instantly since the further the target companies get in your deal flow process the more resources you consume. In general, the earlier you kill a case, the better for you and the target company.” Read More

Know your numbers!?

As a finance pro, you are used to working with numbers and always tell the CEOs to have their numbers right. You understand that what can be quantified and measured can also be managed and improved. When did you last take a 360-view on your own numbers? You certainly know the latest IRR and deal multiples but how about metrics on your lifeblood – deal flow and its metrics? Read More

Does reputation matter?

If the worldwide business ecosystem was an ocean, then startups could be oysters. Oysters, that are trying to attract with their shell, while protecting the soft and vulnerable inside. If that was the case, then investors - venture capitalists, private equity companies, angels and such - would be pearl divers. Searching for the treasures of the ocean, natural pearls. Or perhaps some of them would be hunting for oysters with just a little grain of sand inside, to be farmed and grown to pearl oysters. Read More

All I ever wanted was to stress less

How did the story of Zapflow begin? It all started when I ran the M&A and equity investments of a firm with 80+ transactions under its belt and so many evaluated investment opportunities. I felt all the pains personally and wanted to, not only solve my own problems, but also other professional investors working with their deal flow: insane amount of data, too many things to do and, to put it nicely, less than perfect tools to manage your deal flow. Read More