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Analysts as a service

Have our analysts do the most boring part
of your work for you.


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Analysts at your service

Need an analyst?

We all know how important it is to learn as much as you can from companies, their key people, and related companies. We also know that the bulk of the required work is - eh - bulk. Not that appealing to even your younger colleagues.

We're here to help. We have the required analyst power to boost your operations and free your time for something more valuable. And that's real people who are not offshored but sit right here  at our office ready to do the most boring part of your to-do's.

With just one click within the Zapflow platform, our analyst will review not only public data but also the pitch deck and financials you've received from entrepreneurs. This way you'll get up to speed much quicker.

All of this is 100% confidential - the analysts won't even know who is asking for the information let alone any other context (unless you choose to share it).

How does it work?

In brief, you click one button and this will share with us the company name, their web address, their pitch deck (optional) and their financials (optional). This will trigger a task to one of our analysts who will start working hard to get your results to you within 1-2 business days. 

What do I get?

Once our analyst is done with the task, s/he will submit the deliverables straight to your Zapflow account. You'll have the chance to review all the results and give feedback before merging the findings with your existing data. The final call is always yours!

The data we return 

  • is free from bias
  • is structured the way you want
  • is gathered from public and private sources
  • Contains competitor information *
  • Contains comparables *
  • Contains analysis on key people *
  • Contains an analyst memo with key findings

*subject to availability

How do I get it?

If you're already a customer, contact your account manager and s/he'll get you started in no time at all. If you are new to Zapflow, please schedule an online meeting with us and we'll also set-up a Zapflow account for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Who does the analysis?

We employ our own team of analysts who work for us and only us. They sit right here at our office so they get support from peers as well as management immediately, if they happen to need it. Our analysts are typically university graduates you probably would consider hiring in your own team.

Our analysts are motivated because they see their job as a great stepping stone to the industry and they also have a clear career path within Zapflow.

What sources do the analysts use?

This is what makes us unique. Not only do we use public sources but we also (with your permission) dig into the pitch deck and financials the target company has sent you.

Public sources we use include sources like the ones listed here:

  • Pitchbook
  • LinkedIn
  • CrunchBase
  • Mattermark
  • CBInsights
  • Mergermarket
  • Angellist
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
How much does it cost?

This service is included in our premium plans. In our standard subscriptions, we charge a modest monthly fee. Our current pricing is here.

How many companies can I have analyzed?
You and your team can send as many companies as you like to us for analysis. Our standard throughput is 1 analysis per day per customer. If you need bigger volumes, we're happy to give you a personalized quote.
Our needs are special. Can you help?
Yes. We're used to meeting many different kinds requirements and we're happy to hop on a call to discuss your special requirements as well. We're confident we'll be able to deliver.
What is the "Analyst memo" you talk about?
Once the analysis is complete, you'll have updated company data straight in your own database. In addition to this, our analyst will put together a memo (1-2 pages) that summarises the findings as well as points you to additional online information s/he thinks might be of interest to you.
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